Maverick Carter maybe a name you never heard of but if you look a little closer you will see who this man of mystery really is. Maverick is a self-made entrepreneur, innovator and CEO of LRMR Marketing, which is owned by the best athlete on the planet Lebron James. LRMR is made up of  LeBron, Maverick, Richard Paul and Randy Mims. Maverick is a child hood friend of Lebron James and they actual went to the same school growing up, though Maverick is 3 years older. Maverick mentored a young Lebron in high school and as big brother role when they were younger. As we all know Lebron is a honorable guy who loves to innovate and family is first. So making Maverick the CEO of LRMR Marketing was a powerful move because with that he does a lot of image driven deals with Lebron. His goal is to make LRMR the wealthiest marketing brand and do partnership that will add long term value to Carter and James. Maverick has been rubbing elbows with some of the power players in the money category like Jimmy Iovine (CEO of Beats by Dre + Interscope Records) and Warren Buffet (CEO of The Berkshire Academy). There are many business deals that Maverick is working on Lebron and his favor like they are doing business with John W Henry and Thomas Werner owners of the Red Sox, partnering with Fenway Sports Management and the English Premier League soccer club Liverpool FCC. Maverick is no fool, he knows he doesnt know it all, he has no problem counsulting veteran business counsel for great advice. He’s a change maker, an adaptor and a fearless individual who is trying to create generation wealth for Lebron, himself and LRMR as a whole.

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