tdy_bush_billion_150715.today-inline-vid-featured-desktop (photo by Today.com)
Janice Bryant Howroyd is the first African American women to run a Billion dollar business. Howroyd is the founder of ACT1 Group, which is a employment staffing firm that she created in 1978 with an idea, $900 and a dream to find others work. After almost 40 years of business ACT1 Group in worth billions of dollars, active in staffing in 75 cities and doing a lot of global employment. Right now her company is the largest African American women owned company in the US.
Howroyd is a very passionate and educated person with a huge appreciation for learning the most she can. Her childhood was embellished by optimistic parents who taught her to see success and be a true stand out. She always felt she would be a successful person with because of all the support and mentoring from her parents. Howroyd’s life motto says it all “Never compromise who you are personally to become who you want to be professionally”.

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