130911092132-wang-jianlin-billionaire-china-620xa(photo by Getty Images)

DALIAN WANDA GROUP is a conglomerate of Chinese properties and entertainment ventures which is planning to make some powerful acquisitions in the very near future, as soon as a couple of months. They are truly looking to expand their portfolio into sports, banking and more e-commerce. DWG had a goal by 2020 to have atleast 65% of their net profit to come by services but recently they’ve moved the date up 2 years to 2018.

DWG is being ran by the real estate billionaire Wang Jianlin. Wang is no stranger to going after what he wants and a real estate tycoon. In 2012, Wang bought the US movie theatre chain AMC Entertainment Holdings while he has been building theme parks in China with a huge goal to compete with mega companies such as Walt Disney Co.

Wanda has recently make some big investment deals by investing 3.58 billion yuan = ($775 million) in, which is a Chinese ticketing website, acquiring Australian cinema chain Hoyts Group for $850m and last but not least purchasing Swiss sports-marketing company Infront Sports & Media for $1.5 billion. So as we see DWG is really putting their money where their mouth is. With Wang Jianlin at the helm, how could they go wrong? He has proven his real estate buying power has paid off.

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