NAS “Expanding The Empire…”

When you think of Nas the rapper you think of artist, creativity, self educated, well spoken, classy and clean high end jewelry wearer. Lately Nas has been transitioning into his true entrepreneurship with the Mass Appeal record label, the XllAM sneaker boutique, partnering with Sweet Chick restaurant, the Hennessy Cognac artistry partnership and now he is opening a online luxury watch store.
Nas is teaming up with private watch dealer Steven Brown to launch, a online high end luxury watch store catering to the high end classic timepiece consumer. Brands like Rolex, Cartier and Breitling will be sold here. The idea behind it will be to sell one classic watch a day. Nas was quoted as saying in GQ “I feel like I’m a walking commercial, and when I wear a watch, the world sees it. I can’t tell you how many times people bought certain watches I would wear and would tell me about it: ‘Yo, I got this ’cause I saw you with it’. And I’m drawn to the history of watches and the business of watches, automatically.” Nas is the perfect person with the right persona to bring awareness to his new business. He’s always been seen wearing the most exclusive luxury watches for the last 20 years. We wish him all the blessings in the world with his new venture.

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