Generation One: The Search for Black Wealth is a powerful informative film about the search for black wealth and the do’s and dont’s to becoming financially independent. There is a huge black financial gap going on in the world and this film shed light on it. Africam Americans spend trillions of dollars a year on travel, clothing, beverage alcohol, luxury cars etc, so savings and investing has always been taboo. The power of wealth can change generations for years to come. The information of wealth is extremely important and who applies that information will reap the benefits. Their has been screenings these past week on July 15th in Atlanta, July 16th in Washington DC and (2) on July 18th in Chicago the screening for “Generation One” which were all sold out. That great news has spark the purchase of thousands of the DVD copies.

The films producers are a husband and wife team Lonnie + Ronnie Tyler based out of Atlanta. They have committed to creating multi-generational wealth for the African American. They also have a powerful media blog website about the African American marriage and family as a whole called Through their family company Tyler New Media they have financed, produced and distributed different films +documentaries focused on family, business, wealth and marriage. Please support their latest film “Generation One: The Search for Black Wealth” buy purchasing a DVD today.

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