The luxury dress code starts with a nice dress for a women and a good suit for a man, complimentary items may be jewelry, cosmetics and a phenomenal shoe for both parties. The last touch to a great outfit is the hat, yes indeed the hat makes a powerful statement. One of the best designers and known as “hat lady to the stars” is Miami-based fashion entrepreneur Regine Chevallier. She is a very special individual to say the least, with her creative side stretching from her unique background which is Haitian and European.
Regine has a personal style that is diverse and eclectic with a blend of colors, designs and meaning. She is extremely philosophy driven which coincides with her brands statement “Fall in love with yourself”, meaning look at the beauty you bring to the world every day, a hat give a great level of confidence to the wearer while adding glamor and fun to the outfit as a whole. Regine comes from a fashion background in the garment industry where she owned the largest textile company in Haiti. She is responsible for hiring thousands of workers to provide them with finance to take care of their families. She is well traveled with a keen eye for stylish unique fashion like Fedora Hats, Resort Hats and Panama Hats.
Her entrepreneurial passion helped her establish The RC Collection which is a versatile brand that focuses on unisex fashion shows a lot of about the designer’s true vision to finish a look off with style. Regine Chevallier has built a hat empire in Miami customer by customer. With all of the celebrities wearing her custom hats to galas, red carpet events, photo shoots and on South Beach The RC Collection brand is being circulated in a diverse range of individuals. To see purchase items from The RC Collection, please visit http://www.reginechevallier.com to see more than just hats. Her fashion line is expanding more than you can ever believe.

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