Tyrese Gibson who we all know for his major acting role in “The Fast & The Furious” movie series. Well before the act bug bit him, his road to success start strictly with the music. A phenomenal singer of good old rhythm & blues, Tyrese always had a core audience that followed him as a brand but seem to have no real major support from the major labels. Being a proactive person as he is, Tyrese chose to take his destiny of his music into his own hand by committing to #1 being his own boss by starting Volttron Records, #2 keeping it all independent, meaning more control, more money spent but more money as a reward. I guess the singer/actor/entrepreneurs decision paid off because his album “THE BLACK ROSE” was release 2 weeks ago and is the #1 overall album in the country. He also has #1 song on many musical charts. He is very outspoken about his music and his love for his craft of music. His album sales are close to 100,000 copies sold already in less than a month. This album is strictly rhythm & blues as he continues to save that sound in the music world.


Please support Tyrese Gibson on this will be his last solo album “The Black Rose”

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