sergey petrossov

(Photos courtesy of JetSmarter)

The luxury of flying on a jet has always been a dream for people but the cost was always too high or just way unaffordable. Its usually takes a lot of paperwork, back and forth between customer and jet company. This has been a major issue for years. Sergery Petrossov, Founder of Jetsmarter has created an application to make flying in jets much easier and more affordable. The company offer three types of products JetDeals (booking a one way on private jet on demand), Jet Shuttle ( this allows you to book a seat on a flight that is already booked) and JetCharter ( this can be a customized travel package put together for you specifically). jetsmarter 814 0055 (3)

Jetsmarter has put together a great membership package, where members pay $9,000 to get unlimited access to private flights flying anywhere thats considered safe travel in the world. Jetsmarter just closed a series B funding of $20 million from rapper entrepreneur Jay Z, the Saudi Royal family, some high profile entertianer and more. This app is available of IOS and android phones.

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