1434029880_kendall-jenner-estee-lauder-zoom The rising superstar model Kendall Jenner has been making a fabulous name for herself in the modeling industry. From ripping the runways internationally to being in huge global campaigns with some of the biggest brands in the industry, Kendall has done things the right way. She has separated her career from the Kardashian family fame. Estee-Lauder-Ad-Get-Kendall-Jenners-Fiery-Look-6 Her goal is to build her brand on quality and skills and not media hype. Kendall has landed another tremendous campaign partnership with Estee lauder for there cosmetic line. She just finished the Estee Lauder photo shoot which came out unbelievable. this young entrepreneur is making some great headway through the modeling world as well as building her on Kendal Jenner brand. A young business woman on the rise, keep your eye out for her next move.

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