Cash Money Records Co-CEO Birdman is suing Jay Z music streaming company Tidal for $50 million because of the streaming of Lil Wayne’s “Free Weezy” album. Birdman maintains that his company Cash Money Records owns exclusive rights to all of Lil Wayne’s music and what Tidal is doing is completely illegal. This lawsuit is just beginning with the two music moguls companies. Tidal claims in the lawsuit that Cash Money Records don’t have exclusive rights to Lil Wayne’s music and that Wayne have giving them the okay to stream the complete album with and exchange of sometime of partnership as a Tidal owner. No one knows the truth as of now but as the lawsuit plays out everyone will see the moguls stand their ground for their respective companies. Birdman is a true entrepreneur and his Cash Money brand allegedly is worth anywhere between $550M – $1 billion. He has made the hop hop Forbes list the last 5 years being in the top 5 with his 3 artist making it recently Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj. Success comes with its ups and downs, we will wait this one out.

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