VIN BAKER Lost $100M

Vin Baker was a superstar NBA basketball player for several teams in the league. From Boston Celtics, New York Knicks and Seattle Supersonics Baker was very good play and even made the all star team once or twice. During his career in the NBA, Baker made over $93+ million in salary before falling on hard times. Baker lost his Connecticut mansion in 2008, fought with alcoholism toward the end of his 14 year career and had to auction off his 2000 Olympic gold medal. He was also an entrepreneur with co owning a restaurant that had to close down.
Baker is 43 years old now with four kids and a wife so he had to figure something out to make sure his family was taking care of financially. Baker is now working in a Starbucks in Rhode Island training to be a manager. No one could of seen this long time NBA superstar losing it all and working at a Starbucks. Life is bigger than basketball as Baker says consistently. He is working on turning his life back around sober and with God in his heart. Yes Baker is also a minister at his families church. His story is one to focus on because these type of financial mistakes happen everyday with these highly paid athletes.

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