Sean N. Parker

Sean Parker  the entrepreneur, savvy businessman and philanthropist has had a life of success early you can say with all the businesses and tech companies he’s helped grow into powerhouses. It has paid off extremely well for this young wealthy entrepreneur whose net worth is allegedly $3 Billion. At the young age of 19, Parker was the co-founder of Napster, a fil sharing service which was the first of its kind. Napster was a big deal to the world as we consume music. By the age of 24, Parker was president of Facebook which became the biggest social media platform in the world. 11 years later which now he’s 35 years old and no longer with Facebook he has launched Brigade which is another social platform. Hopefully it will become as big as Facebook.

Parker allegedly is a spender on things he loves like property, luxury vehicles and donations. He has multiple properties from east to west coast like his West Village NYC $20 million townhouse labeled “Bacchus House” because of the parties he use to hold there. In Los Angeles he has a unbelievable mansion that he bought for $55 million from Ellen DeGeneres. Parker is known to be seen in high end luxury tailored suit from designers like Tom Ford, Dior and more. Now his philanthropy efforts are nothing to be shy about, when Parker donated $600 million to start The Parker Foundation, he gave $24 million to Stanford University to develop the Sean N Parker Center for Allergy Research and he has donated $4.5 million to a Malaria elimination programs to the University of California in San Francisco. He is definitely a kind individual who loves to give to those who need. He has a big heart with a strong will to start business and help them grow.

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