Le Suite is a chic creative designer mobile fashion boutique based in New York City. It’s a woman’s dream to have a mobile establishment that can show up at you local neighborhood or downtown area with their fashionable designs ready for your eyes to see. The truck is a nice size with a classy purple wrap around it that you cant miss seeing. The whole idea of Le Suite was very creatively thought out from the inside being a small space but very valuable, with a corner section used as a fitting room, the clothing being hung up on both sides of the truck neatly, another corner space use as a cashier station and portable stair used to climb up into the truck. Le Suite is a very beautiful creation that i can see in all 50 states in the future. Some of the brands Le Suite carries are Hellz Bellz, Moda-Luxe, Civil Clothing, Private Party, Crook and Castle ladies and many more.
Owner Iran Ortiz had a true vision for what exactly she wanted with Le Suite Boutique. She also wondered where would be a good location for her boutique and finally found a great alternative for the issue, a boutique on wheels. Iran’s idea was to never wait on the customers but go to the customers. Find the high traffic areas that are busiest with financially sound individuals, park the boutique and open up shop. Iran had the brilliant idea and spoke with close friend Mareana about it and Le Suite was turned into a reality. Owning the business together has made Le Suite a very smart collaboration for the two entrepreneurs. They cut out the middle man buy not having to pay rent at one specific location and being the gentrification is happening in different neighborhood the culture is changing drastically in the last 10 years in New York City. We hope to see many Le Suite Boutiques around the world in the future.-1

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