Ryan McGuinness is a very special creative artist who grew up in Virginia Beach area indulged in the surf and skating culture of the times. Using his artistic skill set and his vivid mind, McGuinness attended the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in the steel mill city of Pittsburgh, PA. He’s known for his amazing public signage where he has made a powerful statement to the world. Now living in New York City the home of the hustler and entrepreneurs, McGuinness is sketching corporate logos, exclusive paintings, sculptures and much more. His goal is to share personal expressions with the world through his eyes and talent. He also has alof of work placed in museums such as Cincinnati Art Museum, Virginia Museums of Fine Arts, MUSAC in Spain and the Misumi Collection in Japan.

McGuinness has a unique eye and mind for creating powerful pieces that make positive statements. His talents have been called on by Moet Hennessy, the powerhouse spirits supplier to customized the #1 brands in the world, Hennessy. Hennessy has made a creative step into the artistry lane with music, art and overall expression so this collaboration was a very unique one. McGuiness has created a holiday label for the brand which will be a global piece and will orchestrated through the most promising time of the year for Hennessy, which is Fall and winter holiday season. His entrepreneurship is validated through his success, hardwork, creative expression and ambition to be one of the best artist ever. This Hennessy vs Ryan McGuinness limited edition bottle is available in New York right now for purchase. Please support his work and his career globally by logging on to http://www.ryanmcguiness.

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