Invicta is a innovative company from Chiasso, Switzerland founded 1838. Their goal was to make the highest quality time pieces for the most affordable amount of money. they have kept that to be true til today. In 2000 they primarily focused on designing watches that would be bigger and fit the wrist actually tighter so it wouldn’t move. They created collections like the Dive watch, the Lupah and the Ocean Ghost to name a few. Invicta has set a precedent as being the masters of time piece construction. Their innovations and style is one of a kind with a flair that is precisely and accurate to the new millenium. Thier watches are built for the entrepreneur that is a creative person who has a little shine to themselves.

Invicta watches are some of the classiest time pieces you will come across for the price. The way they are made is truly unique with a touch of quality every consumer would love. We’ve seen luxury pieces cost $5000 or better just to get that high end feel on your wrist. Invicta watches varies from $100 to $1000+ but they have great value in each time piece. They also make fabulous gifts for that special someone in your life or the college student who has to make that major impression. They are still a privately owned company with the same ideology to satisfy the consumers and collectors at every price point possible.

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