Over 30+ million records sold, timeless records written for so many popular artist and worldwide appeal from music to the big screen Jeffrey Atkins aka “Ja Rule” has returned to the forefront. After a long hiatus from a battle with Superstar 50 Cent, the Federal Government and a 3 year prison stint Ja Rule has came back to on the seen building his brand back up as an individual entity. He has recently been touring alot on the music end of things and also has been working on thing with his superstar co-heart Ashanti. After being released from prison Ja Rule had released a New York top selling book which did extremely well. He’s currently behind the scenes working of a few movie scripts which he had received a lot of critical acclaim for years ago. His acting skills were definitely getting better with every movies. Now in 2015, Ja Rule the artist/ entrepreneur is back with many projects such as his own reality television show called “Follow The Rule” with MTV, a shoe line coming out with Steve Madden which releases August 26th, he’s working on a new album called “Genius loves Company” for early 2016, an EP with R&B sensation Ashanti consisting of 5 songs and also a world tour. Ja Rule has always been a entrepreneur in his own right so this mega star of the late 90’s early 2000’s has made a mark which cant be erased.

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