1100 Kids +$41M = College

Copyright 2015 NBAE (Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images)

Copyright 2015 NBAE (Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images)

NBA superstar Lebron James has committed to do something more remarkable than he has ever done for about 1,100 kids in his “I Promise” program within his Lebron James Family Foundation. James Foundation has teamed up with the University of Akron to make this a reality for these children. The average cost of for each kid per year would be $9,500 to times that by 4 years then by 1,100 kids the total is $41 million. James is all about giving back to the community that raised him into the man he is today. He is a true definition of a superstar who cares and rather put his money into the future of society than just into fancy items. James goal is to give these kids who may come from single parent homes or financially limited households the opportunity to change their future and vision on how far they can go in life.

“It means so much because, as a kid growing up in the inner city and a lot of African-American kids, you don’t really think past high school,” said James, who didn’t attend college to go into the NBA. “You don’t really know your future. You hear high school all the time, and you graduate high school and then you never think past that because either it’s not possible or your family’s not financially stable to even be able to support a kid going to college.”

No matter what you feel personally about Lebron James when he left Cleveland to go to Miami, you have to admit he has always been a stand up individual and his character has never been on trial. Thank you Lebron James for allowing this kids to dream bigger than they ever have.

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