Atlanta is known for being one of the most beautiful places in the US especially for getting a lot of space for your money on the real estate front. You seem to get more land than you really need for great prices. Well one of the hottest mansions for entertaining in Atlanta is on the market right now.istsxpm0be01o01000000000
One of the best neighborhoods Buckhead, host this beautiful 17,000+ mansion home. Its all about entertainment at this location with the sexy indoor pool, exclusive hot tubs, six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, atriums and balconies all throughout the hallways. Everything that you would need for your entertainment pleasures is located in this home.
The high glass ceiling make the living areas extremely spacious to have a great party in. This home is very defined and tailored to that a owner who is all about entertaining company of all ages. Its being listing for sale for $2.9millions , while some say its worth alot more, so its definitely a good deal. isx3hz85oye8051000000000
The location is 3511 Roxboro Rd NE in Atlanta, Georgia. If your interested in this type of home please feel free to look more into it on or

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