straight outta compton 2 jaimie truebloodThe biopic “Straight Outta Compton” about the super group N.W.A had a record breaking weekend grossing $56 miilion in the box office when they were only projected to do about half of that. It been a phenomenal amount of support of this project from all nationalities, the hip hop community and much more globally. With the budget for this project being $29 million they have already surpassed there mark in one weekend. The feedback from the movie has been very positive and eye opening to the world. It was a project more than just about N.W.A but also about the whole life of Compton, growing up in society that is very difficult to succeed in and  the overcoming of obstacles with race relations. Race has always been a touchy subjects but at the current climate of all the deaths taking place in the black communities with the police being involves heavily this film shows alot of similarities from 2015 compared to 1980’s. Please go support this movie and watch it with an open mind.

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