Dj Khaled is known for his record label “We The Best”, which has been releasing #1 records for the last 6 summers. Not just being a DJ and record executive he is also a restaurant owner. Yes indeed, Dj Khaled is has joined forces with his close friend and CEO of Poe Boy Record Mr.E Class.
They have both collaborated to open up miami’s new hot spot to eat and network “Finga Licking”. This is Dj Khaled’s first one he has opened but this is the second for E Class. Brand new to the market the response has been tremendous for only being opened 3 weeks now. Each and every day the restaurant is packed with neighbors, celebrities and athletes.

DJ Khaled has been a spokesperson for the new brand and letting everyone know the favorites on the menu. They seem to be know for lobster and rice, the lemon pepper wings. We wish them much success in their new entrepreneurship venture. We only see good things from this accomplishment.

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