“The Money Coach”

Financial literacy is the taboo in the school system and in the majority of households growing up. We must understand the importance of making smarter money decision at a younger age in life and passing that positive information on to the next generation. We came across Cozette M White, CEO of My Financial Home Enterprises who is a financial eductor and money coach in many peoples eyes. She is based out of Los Angeles, known around the world as one of the top business communicator and a leading financial authors with her book “Smart Finances for Smart People”. White’s goal has been to help individuals change their lives overall with financial literacy and revamp their bank accounts to grow instead of declining. She teaches you to be more empowers about you money decisions, while transforming your thought process into making your money a priority mentally.

White has created an amazing interactive business/family driven concept called The Infinity Wealth Circles Chore Chart System. The system is built around creating a chore system for you children to earn money instead of burning money. Its is very creative with the intent to teach your children about the importance of money at a younger age while at the same time getting them to understand earning their money by doing extra chores around the house. Its a great interactive system to keep the communication open between the children and parents also. To learn more about Cozette M White folow her contacts below.


Twitter: @Myfinancialhome

Linkedin: http://www.Linkedin.com/in/MyFinanceHome

Email: MyFinancialHome1@gmail.com

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