Growing up in majority of the African American + Hispanic communities you will see a lot of fast food restaurants, bodega corner stores, liquor stores, and a lot of churches. Most of the communities are very low income areas with a lot of negative influences that surface through out the neighborhoods. There are no information and teaching about health awareness and exercise as a whole in these communities. They are plagued with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and overall bad health. In order to change these communities they cant wait on the government or the politicians to do it, if takes people from the neighborhood to put there resources together and a good plan to execute these changes.
Two successful hip hop rappers have came together and started their own form of change to some of the health issues amungst their community. Rappers Jadakiss + Styles P of the famous group “The Lox” have open a couple of juice bars in Yonkers. A juice bar is a restaurant which uses healthy vegetables and fruits with clean A1 supplements to cleanse the body and mind from all the defective toxins. Its created in the liquid form so it very easy to consume orally. All the vegetable and fruit are grown from the ground with no pesticides or chemical influences in them. These 2 entrepreneurs have started a huge change in Yonkers giving their customers the proper information to a clean life and a healthier future. Their goal is to open Juices For Life in all the boroughs and making them a franchise.


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