IDRIS ELBA, the name rings bells in so many industry and facets of the world. He is an award winning actor whose acting skills are undeniable in his range of taking the drug kingpins role of Stringer Bell in the HBO hot series “The Wire” to playing the African political leader Nelson Mandela. Elba is a well rounded individual who has a love for all genres of music like none other so he a international DJ from London to New York to Canada for some of the premiere level private events.
He is also a ladies man to his female fans all over the world and social media. So to be the first man to be on the cover of Maxim Magazine is unbelievable. Yes indeed, Elba will be on the cover of the September issue this month. He is a sharp dresser with a handsome look that all models would want to have.
Idris Elba 1_0
His versatility shows that Elba never once to be placed in a box in life. The entrepreneur has broken barriers in many role in acting while giving a performance that can only be acclaimed with award recognition. Please check out the Maxim interview with Idris Elba in this months Maxim magazine.

Please check in our “FASHION+STYLE” section for MAXIM Photo Shoot video.


photos by Maxim Magazine

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