Shashicka Tyre-Hill


Shashicka Tyre Hill is a true entrepreneur who over came major obstacles in her household growing up and in life in general. She was a single mom living on welfare trying to make the end meet but it just didn’t seem possible. Her never give up attitude is what kept her going to follow her dreams and rewrite her story. At the tender age of 19 years old after dropping out of high school, Hill began to take care of her grandmother who was sick with cancer. She loved to care for her grandmother with a passion. Once her grandmother passed on she started applying for jobs as a home care aid. She receive a job where the patient need 24 hour care, with that entrepreneurial spirit Hill hires a couple of friends to help with the rigorous schedule.

It was exactly this that sparked her idea to start a health home care business which in turn turned into a multi million dollar business. Hill ended up getting her GED, taking health care classes and becoming certified and licensed in Georgia. In 2002, Hill opened up Miracle Home Care in Brunswick, Georgia. By 2005 she opened her second facility and by 2010 she had opened 7 offices in the Southeast area. Hill is definitely an entrepreneur who didn’t see opportunity knocking so she built her own door and hasn’t closed it since. Her entrepreneurial spirit has her owning multiple rental properties, a barbershop and once owned a caribbean restaurant that she ended up selling for a nice profit. She is also a author and motivational speaker.To learn more about this gem of an entrepreneur please visit her site and show your support.


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