Last night was an amazing night in U.S. Open when the famous talented Wiliams sisters, Serena and Venus went head to head while putting on a unbelievable performance. Serena ended up winning and is now only the sixth tennis player to win the 4 major tennis tournaments the Austrailian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and now the U.S. Open in a 12 month period. She is ranked as the #1 women”s player in the world. The Williams sisters have broken so many records and have pulled in remarkable amount of prize money, which seems to go unnoticed.
Serena is ranked #1 and has brought in $73million+, while Venus ranks #3 and has won over $31million+. These sisters are extremely popular worldwide using their social media platforms where they have so many followers who see their daily post and achievements. Serena has over 5.3 twitter followers, 3.5 million facebook fans and Venus has 1.3 Twitter followers, close to 2 million facbook fans.

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