Eyanatia is definitely a clothing company we need to keep our eyes on. Eyanatia is an American design company, best known for it’s clothing targeting the young adult and the young at heart. The company was founded 2010 by Jesstia Usher, a young ambitious, creative , educated individual who see a huge vision for his company. She illustrates, designs, drapes, and creates patterns for the line.
Eyanatia prides itself by having the designing, developing, and sewing process done in the U.S.A, which is a major plus on time and manufacturing speed. Usher has designed for Adashi Shoji, Armani Exchange, Ed Hardy and Anthropology to name a few. Her creativity is well respected now its time to take it to the next level and let the world see exactly whats she has to offer from Eyanatia. Keep your eyes open world for Eyanatia.

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