One of the richest Billionaires in the world, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal has pledged that he will be donating all of his money ($32 Billion) to his charity called “Alwaleed Philanthropies” in the next few years. The focus of the charity will be promoting health awareness, disease prevention, adding electricity to village without it, empowering women and building orphanages + schools. He has previously donated $3.5 billion already to charity.

His foundation has partnered with American billionaire Bill Gates on several charity projects across the world. Prince Al-Waleed has built his wealth from great investments through Kingdom Holdings, his company which owns stakes in some of the most luxury companies in the world like The Four Seasons Hotel, News Corp, Citigroup, Apple and Twitter. He is putting together a strategic plan to distribute all of his money throughout the next few years. Philanthropy is a huge part of his life and his Islamic belief to help those in need.

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