Hublot is a huge luxury brand which has made a big impact with their exclusive high end watches. As a company they were always try to expand their team to the next level. They have welcomed Chen Man, the first female Chinese ambassador for Hublot. She is a unique visual artist + photographer who is critically acclaimed by her peers and has won so many awards internationally. Chen Man uses a traditional Chinese style with a mixture of the designer fashion sense. She embellished every asset in her creativity that represents Hublot’s brand.
“I’m proud to be the brand ambassador of Hublot. I love the brand not only out of its respect for watch making traditions and persistence in innovation but also because the brand’s spirit coincides perfectly with mine. The power of fusion brings greater tension into art pieces and increases the depth of thinking. The brand philosophy of Hublot keeps me exploring, realizing my dream of art.” said Chen Man. We look forward to seeing the next big release for the luxury Hublot brand.

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