Drake + Chef Susur Lee

slide_453546_6082204_free (Huffington Post)

Drake the superstar rapper has been on the ultimate high the last couple of years solidifying himself as one of the top hip hop artist in the game right now. If its not selling millions of albums, breaking chart records, being a Co-CEO of OVO record label, he’s now a restaurant owner. Drake has partnered with Chef Susur Lee, his two sons Kai and Levi, and OVO member Angelo “Gelo” Ferraro to open “Fring’s” restaurant in downtown Toronto. This past Monday the launch event happened and some of Drake’s celebrity friends came out to support. Jaden Smith, Serena Williams, Jada Pinket Smith and various others were in attendance while being served customized sampled appetizers. The menu is still being worked on but the food was accepted with smiles. Drake is definitely making a lot of money so his portfolio will continue to expand.

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