Warrick Dunn ex-NFL all pro was runningback was a extremely talented individual through out his whole life, from being a high school stand out, a FSU all-american breaking school records to a NFL superstar runningback. He has dealt with plenty of adversities in his life like losing his mother who raised 6 kids by herself as a single mother to violence of her being killed in the line of duty. After losing his mother, Dunn stepped up and became the head of the household at 18 years old.
After becoming successful as a professional athlete Dunn started “Warren Dunn Charities”, which is focused on providing economics, housing donations and food for single parent families. Dunn’s charity has awarded millions of dollars in home furnishing and donations to single parent families. We are happy to report that Warren Dunn Charities has reached their 139th home giving to a happy single family that was in need of major support. Dunn is a true philanthropist who have given his all to helping others.

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