Ade Hassan

la-ig-nude-lingerie-20150308 (photo by
Ade Hassan 31, is the founder of the new nude lingerie company Nubian Skin. Their concept is to create skin tone lingerie for the women of color. The idea came to this genius in 2011 after she left her job and began doing research, taking sewing classes etc. Hassan always wanted to run her own company and be a entrepreneur who knew what she wanted to do.
nubian-home-1a(photo by Nubian Skin)
After releasing Nubian Skin, the company has been getting so much press and social media attention from celebrities like Kerry Washington and Thandie Newton. Hassan created the brand because of the absence of it in the market place. She is based out of London and has been receiving so much support its overwhelming for the young entrepreneur. Launching the brand was hard finding manufacturer but once she found the right one, its been success ever since. She is a hard worker with major passion for her products. Please continue to support Nubian Skin at to purchase.
nubian-home-2b (photo by Nubian Skin)

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