Adenah Bayoh

Adenah Bayoh 34, is an amazing young lady who has escape civil war hardship as a youth in Liberia and migrated to the United States to become a extremely successful entrepreneur in New Jersey. This driven young women is co-founder of Kapwood LLC, which is a real estate development company who has developed over $200 million dollars in urban community development such as top quality housing, retail space and much more. Ambitiously Bayoh is also CEO of Bayoh’s Restaurant Holdings, a corporation which owns IHOP restaurants in Irvington and Paterson, New Jersey. Her drive come from her grandmother who was an entrepreneur in the restaurant business. After graduating college, Bayoh started buying multi-family homes as investment properties which quickly grew into a successful entrepreneurial business. She is a philanthropist giving all she can and running different programs, hosting dinners for children and under privileged families. She is a true meaning of a entrepreneur with a huge heart. Bayoh fought through the obstacles and turned her stress into success.
photo by Adenah Bayoh

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