“LISNR” is the future

o-DIVERSITY-IN-TECH-facebook (photo by huffingtonpost)

We can say signals are the usual way to connect anything rather it be a bluetooth, text message or an email. Technology has just took a step into the future with Rodney Williams, one of the CEO for LISNR based in Cincinnati. His company a communication technology app that delivers data over audio to connect smart devices and speakers. Using ultrasonic signals LISNR can use any speaker or microphone for example a television, radio and deliver individually relevant information directly to speakers in your surrounding like a smart phone also. LISNR was launched in 2012 and has raised about $4.4 million in funding from huge equity houses like Sierra Capital, Mercury Fund and Jump Capital. This company is leaders in connecting smart tones. They have really expanded the options of immediate connecting via sound waves.

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