Tristan Walker = BEVEL


Tristan Walker, CEO of Walker & Company is a well balanced Stanford University business educated entrepreneur who has made his way through Silicon Valley to build his network to finance his start up company Bevel. Bevel is the answer to the men and women razor bump issue buy creating a shaving system consisting of blades that cut at skin level, lotions that moisturize the skins, powders that keep bacteria away in a set especially made for the African American man who has had problems with the average razors cutting to deep below the skin and causing the hair to grow under the skin. Walker has did his research to find investors for Bevel such as (Ben Horowitz {CEO of Andreessen Horowitz}, Ron Johnson formerly of {J.C.Penny} and Nasir “Nas” Jones {Rapper/Investor}. Raising $9 million dollars to date Walker sees the Bevel’s future as being very big. His background is largely in business development in companies such as Four Square and Andreessen Horowitz which are huge companies within themselves. Bevel has a subscription service which has starter kits ranging from $59 to $89 including a number of razor, oils, restoration cream. I can see the Bevel brand being something really big and profitable. There is a monthly subscription of $29.99, which is definitely worth it. Walker is looking to build his Bevel portfolio beyond just razor blades. He has a plan to solve some major issues in African American community while also adding to the diversity of his board and building a quailty healthy company.

(Photos by TechCrunch + Upstart.BizJournal)

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