how-fame-has-made-her-lonely-I-mean-I-get-horny-Im-human-Im (All photos by Annie Leibovitz + Vanity Fair)

One of the world most well know recording artist and sex symbols for her ravishing beauty Rihanna has grace the cover of another high quality publication Vanity Fair. This was a unique collaboration being that a incredible epic photo shoot took place in Cuba. Yes indeed, this fabulous entertainer has graced the cover of Vanity Fair doing what she does best, look naturally beautiful.
The shoot was shot by Annie Leibovitz and styled by Jessica Diehl, with all the clothing and accessories by top designers. Beside the photo shoot VF also sat down with the artist for a full on interview where she elaborated on her music, past relationship with Chris Brown, sex and much more.

As we all can see Rihanna is an openly free spirited type of individual who cant be put in a box. Her music has a huge audience from hip hop to alternative pop and her life in general is unpredictable in a positive way. Not even 30 years old she has remained an icon in the music industry while becoming the face of major legendary fashion houses by way of partnership collaborations. The interview with Vanity Fair was extremely informative and to the point. Please visit http://www.VanityFair.com to check out the interview or pick up the November issue with Rihanna on the cover.

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