$150,000+ A MONTH?….


Jay-Z and Beyonce the two superstars have allegedly signed a one year lease for their new home in Holmby Hills Estates in California owned by a British Billionaire who purchased the house about a year ago for $45 million. This home is truly the empire for entertainment royalty for sure with it 20,000 square foot living space sitting on 2.6 acres consisting of 7 bedrooms, 8 1/2 bathrooms, a home theatre, atrium, dance studio, an enormous Olympic indoor size pool, a top chef commercial kitchen, outdoor pool, multiple massive rooms with elegant decor, a huge landscape and beautiful views.

How much to rent this $45 million dollar home, you may ask… $150,000 a month but these two celebrity entrepreneurs are not shy to spending some major money on things they want. They feel that this is the home that their beautiful daughter Blue Ivy will be raised in and its perfect for her.
(Feature photo by Vibe & house photos by Wetpaint)

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