DELL to buy EMC for $67B

(photos by washington news)

One of the biggest tech deals in history has allegedly been made official with Dell Inc and (The Private Equity Firm) Sliver Lake will buy the date storage company EMC corp for $67 billion dollars in cash + stocks. Dell Inc will have to raise about $45 billion dollars in debt to finance this deal. This deal will make Dell a one stop shop for the larger companies in this industry. “We see a massive digital transformation that our customers are engaged in,” Mr. Dell said in a joint interview with Joe Tucci, EMC’s chief executive. Adding EMC’s hardware and software strengths to Dell will give the combined company unparalleled capabilities to sell technology to help them, they said.

VMware, virtual software company in which EMC owns about an 80% stake, will stay a publicly traded company with Dell as controlling shareholder in the VMWare stocks. This EMC and Dell deal, if fully completed would become the largest privately held tech company in the world.

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