externalMedia(photos by Revolt TV)

Revolt Music Conference has become the signature event in Miami with Sean Combs getting the keys to the city. RMC, has welcomed the biggest and brightest on screen talent, directors, highly influential media outlets, and key industry game changers, and everyone imaginable connected to the music industry. This engaging and unique conference includes panel discussions,exclusive music performances.

Miami gets the spotlight as the music and entertainment industry’s biggest executives and entertainers come together for a fabulous weekend of events, panelists, and parties.


“Dubbed” The Merging Collection of Music, Technology and Innovation,” the second annual REVOLT Music Conference returns to the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach for an epic four day star studded weekend lineup of all-star performances, networking with leaders in music and technology, and keynotes and panels from led by industry trailblazers. The conference offers an interactive experience that explores how technology influences the music industry, executives, recording artists, and fans. A bigger lineup of performances and new experiences are expected at this year’s conference including live tapings for REVOLT, pool parties, and exclusive receptions.

We were greatly honored to be in attendance 2 years in a row. Mogul Media Television will be expanding into short films,and documentaries for 2015/2016


Media Contact:

Nihki Fredrique
Mogul Media TV
110 Wall Street, New York, NY
Suite 113
New York, NY 10005
World Of The Entrepreneurs & Moguls
New York & Miami

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