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Ty Law, the former NFL New England Patriots 15 year veteran, 5 time Pro Bowler, 3-Time NFL Champion is retired from football but has started his career in the business field of entrepreneurship. He is the owner of Launch Trampoline Park, a 15,000 square foot trampoline are that will accommodate all walks of events for kids, grown ups, birthday parties, corporate events and much more.
Along with the trampoline area it will also feature a brand new arcade, and a cafe with free internet access. Launch will allow the whole family to have fun together at the same time. besides the fun of jumping on a trampoline it also burns 1000 calories and hour which is a health benefit. Law has partnered with Robert Arnold, a successful business entrepreneur from the New England area to make this idea expand through out the northeast market. He has franchises of Launch in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware and Hartford. Check out http://www.LaunchTrampolinePark.com to get all information.


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