Damon Lawrence

Everyday there are more young entrepreneurs making their impact in the world within some great industries. Today we have Damon Lawrence age 27, who is an unbelievable visionary and well-respected real estate entrepreneur who is making a huge statement. This young black entrepreneur is planning to open a boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Oakland, California. He started his own company called Homage Hotel Group which will umbrella his first venture The Town Hotel when opened. Being a young millennial with a lot of knowledge of the hospitality industry, he knows exactly what he wants the hotel to look like from the rooftop bar/lounge to the room decor. His prior experience comes from working at the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel while also starting a company called Hausotel where he managed vacation homes for several years. The location of the Town Hotel will replace and existing hotel which need renovations and down size on the room count. Lawrence chose Oakland because of the tourism, the location and the increase in hospitality that Oakland has taken in the last few tears especially with the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Championship which brought a huge spotlight on the city in a good way including monetarily wise. The goal is to finish hotel by late 2016. Lets support Damon Lawrence on his venture to change the modern-day hospitality industry to something fresh and millennial.

(photo by IndieGoGo)

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