JALEN ROSE Leadership Academy


Ex-NBA superstar basketball play Jalen Rose has done very well for himself financially so his philanthropy effort it simply amazing. Rose has created an actual high school called Jalen Rose Leadership Academy in the northwest side of Detroit. He opened the academy in September of 2011 where he has about 400 student varying 9th through 12th grade. The school curriculum is very vigorous with the intent to have students take courses that will have them academically ready for college courses.
The goal is to push the student to their limit of learning with no exceptions. The scholars will have the college experience with tours of universities and at least one college placement course that has to be passed. Rose has been trying to raise money for the schools new gymnasium and more upgrades. He has definitely showed other athletes how to invest in the future literally. We support all entrepreneurs like Jalen Rose who truly cares for the kids coming up behind him. log on to http://www.jrladetroit.com/

(Photo by Jrladetroit.com)

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