Ciroc Vodka has made its mark in the alcohol industry in the last 7 years as one of the top ultra premium vodkas on the shelf. Starting with the base brand as we call “Blue Dot” is the foundation of the brand with some great flavors to bring enhancement to the brand. The coconut flavor took the world by storm with its signature “Coco Loso” nightlife drink. making a huge impact on the off and on premise market Ciroc has become a powerhouse brand. After the success of coconut they released a red berry, peach, amaretto and an amazing pineapple flavor which almost duplicated coconuts momentum. Co-Owner Sean “Diddy” Combs is known to end the year with a bang going into New Years, so Diageo and Diddy are releasing a Ciroc Apple flavor in November. Apple is known to be the top flavor for a vodka especially, so this should be a great launch as only Diddy can do. Keep your ears and eyes open at your local package or liquor store to be the first to celebrate responsibly with Ciroc Apple.

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