CEO/Entrepreneur Dame Dash and financial expert Dr. Boyce Watkins have partnered together to create a platform to give consumers of all ages especially blacks the opportunity to enroll in a their own business school. The name of the course is “Intelligent Boss Moves” which focused in on how to create a business, run a day-to-day operations, overcoming obstacles, eliminating the middle man, learning the proper structure and business model. This course will cost you $99/ a month but is extremely cheaper than your average business school charging to upward of $50,000+ a year. Their spirits are what led each of the two bosses to collaborate of this amazing venture which will enhance those who enroll in it to a high degree of business. This platform is a great way to become a thinker, doer and reach your goals. As for blacks, it’s a time to hear business models and powerful information from individuals who share the same culture, background and obstacles as you may have faced being Damon Dash and Dr. Boyce Watkins. This is a very positive movement and course curriculum led by two experienced black bosses in today’s business industry.
If your interested log on to http://theblackbusinessschool.com/courses/intelligent-boss-moves-featuring-dr-boyce-watkins-and-damon-dash

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