GRP FLY is an exclusive street wear clothing line based in Oklahoma City where they has started from scratch and made an impact on their city like no other. Their brand is inspired by entrepreneurs chasing their dreams creatively from their jackets, t-shirts, hats and much more. They have some of the funkiest designs and sketches which have created a very enticing brand for their supporters. Some big names have been seen wearing their brands like NBA players Jaren Jack and superstar MVP Kevin Durant to name a few. Being from a small town like Oklahoma City they have battled adversity but have broken through with vengeance to now be in some major indie stores nationally like Zumies and as has opened up their own store their hometown OKC. CEO Vernon Deas speaks about the brand internally on their documentary below touching base on how GRP FLY started, the designs, ambitions behind it and their successes so far. Support today!

(photos by GRP FLY Clothing)

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