NAS = (QBVP)……


QueensBridge Venture Partners is an investment firm who looked to capitalize on the new trends on all aspects of start up business industries. A collective of investors and industry veterans from all aspects of life came together with one idea to invest in great opportunities which made a lot of sense to them all.
This six man team consist of (rapper/legend) Nas, (Nas’ Manager/Music exec) Anthony Saleh, (CFO of Multiple Apparel companies) Anand Murthy, (Angel Investor) Ajay Relan, (Co-Founder of Multiple Apparel companies) Dee Murthy, and (Capital Advisor/ CEO) Craig Vaughan. Their portfolio consists of investments several huge start-ups like Dropbox, Lyft, BlueBox, Prism skylabs, Balanced and General Assembly to name a few. This company is an entrepreneurs dream to get in front of to pitch your new start-up brand. To find out more about QueensBridge Venture Partners log on to
(photo by + NAS)

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