carmelo-anthony-on-the-media-machine-knicks-and-staying-sane-in-nyc-stay-melo-1445869081 (Photo+Video by VICE Sports)

NBA Superstar of the New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony has made it his business ever since coming to NYC to get engaged with the community and become part of the city again, as he was born in Brooklyn as a child. Vice Sports has done a special series with Anthony called “Stay Melo”, where you take a look into his interest, business ventures and really who he is as person today after the money and the fame. The ball player/entrepreneurs always love to inspire kids with himself being a product of a rough neighborhoods growing up between Brooklyn and Baltimore, Maryland. Anthony took a special trip to Rikers Island one of the worst jails in the country to speak to some kids between 16-18 years of age to try to motivate then while hearing their story. It was a moving moment for Anthony seeing the living conditions of the kids and the alleged gang affiliation of all the kids he spoke with. He used his time wisely while on the visit and the kids responded to him with respect like a big brother of sorts. Take a look at the visit from the New York Knicks superstar below.

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