KETEL ONE “325th Anniversary”

This year 2015, The 11th generation of the Nolet family is celebrating their 325th Anniversary of Ketel One Vodka. Ketel One was founded in 1691 with the practice of making extra smooth vodka came from the old world pot stills and the modern distillation techniques and family values.

To celebrate this momentous occasion the family has created a copper-colored bottle designed with 11 coins decorated all around the bottle. Each coins on it represents each generations of the family who help created the Ketel One brand. The success and value of this brand has been a staple in the nightlife worldwide for centuries now. Using the story of the brand instead of the celebrity affiliate was something the Nolet’s have been very particular about. They love to grow organically and not through a phase which is a smart move for this clean-cut extra smooth vodka.
(photos + Video by Ketel One)

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