Moziah Bridges

(photo by Mo’s Bows + Shark Tank)
Moziah Bridges has been the talk of the internet and the business world via Shark Tank television show. This young entrepreneur who is only 13 years old has created a hand made bow tie business called “Mo’s Bows” which is bring in revenue of over $200,000 a year. His appearance on Shark Tank got the attention of now investing partner Daymond John. By they time he was on the show, he had already sold 2,000 ties and had about $55,000 in revenue. Bridges is receiving so much attention for his brand and his smarts that Neiman Marcus has contacted his company in interest of carrying his product.

His mother is his motivation and in here words “Mo is the CEO of the company, but I am the CEO of MO”. Daymond John has help inspire the young CEO with alot of knowledge like to turn down investment at this point to build the brand and company to a higher level first. Bridges has just locked in his first licensing deal with Cole Hanns which is a great deal for his brand. We cant wait to see where Mo’s Bows have achieved in the next five years. We wish him lots of luck and inspire young entrepreneur to follow his lead because anything is possible. You can purchase his bow tie’s at and at Neiman Marcus.

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