wpid-Beyonce-2015-2016-4 (photo by Maguzz)
The megastar and wife of arguably the worlds greatest rapper JayZ, Beyonce has been becoming a mogul herself in so many ways. So many opportunities has come her way as far as partnership with fortune 500 brands as well as the global tour which broke records album sales and box office numbers. Beyonce is allegedly coming out with a new street wear line in Spring 2016 with retail tycoon Sir Phillip Green, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge. They are all power players in the fashion industry worldwide.This brand who hasn’t released a name will be distributed in 20 countries globally and will market the brand at a massive rate to bring major awareness to this fashion line. Beyonce circle alone can bring major promotion to this brand but partnering with Sir Phillip Green has heightened the release of the brand. We will be looking out for this line to support in 2016.

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