Thomas Q. Jones


Thomas Q Jones is recently 12 years Ex-NFL player who has made an extremely smooth transition to life after football. Being in the NFL as a professional football player is all about sports and money, which can be overwhelming for an athlete because everything is moving so fast. Most young athletes are not financially educated on handling the massive amount of money once graced with it. Jones on the other hand sees himself out that box as a very inquisitive individual who sees the NFL as strictly a job. His various interest lie outside of the grid iron, which helped him become a promising entrepreneur after football. Still is great physical and mentally thinking as a true boss, Jones has becoming and actor landing roles in the television hit “Being Mary Jane” and the record-breaking music biopic “Straight Outta Compton”. Jones has a degree from University of Virginia in which he received in three years. He also used his entrepreneurial drive to start his own tech company and social networking app called “Castar”. Jones has no thought of slowing down because he’s just getting started with his entrepreneur ventures.

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